Menu Fees

Meal Fees

Bridgeport Public Schools accepts debit/credit cards for lunch payments. We hope this will be more convenient for parents to pay for their child/children's meals. Meals should be pre-paid and timely payments are appreciated to ensure there is always a positive balance. Students may not purchase any extra items if they do not have money in their account.

The meeal prices for students & adults

        It is preferred for you to pre-pay for 

                meals on a monthly basis...


                         Breakfast (K-12)              

                         $1.35 per meal 

                         Breakfast (Adults)           

                         $1.85 per meal               

                         Lunch (K-6)                                      

                         $2.60 per meal

                         Lunch (7-12)                                    

                         $2.85 per meal

                         Lunch ( Adults)                                

                         $3.60 per meal

                         Additional Milk                                 



Please remember that if you qualify for reduced meals and your income changes during the year you may reapply and possibly qualify for free meals at that time. Once you qualify for free or reduced meals you stay at that status for the entire school year regardless of income increases. Call Gail at (308) 262-1470 if you have any questions.   

To use your credit/debit card to add funds to your account please go see Kathy Sides in the elementary office or if you would like to check your lunch balance please call Kathy Sides at (308) 262-1574.

Check your lunch balance or verify funds

 Family Account Access Page