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Below you will find scholarships and grants that are available for you to apply for. Please read the details when considering whether or not to apply.  Remember scholarship deadlines can change and scholarships can disappear and new ones appear.  It is important to look ahead in the coming months so that students aren't working last minute on scholarships that take time to complete.   

Do not procrastinate.  Be Organized.

1.  Type all scholarships unless the rules state differently.

2.  Answer all questions completely.

3.  Keep it clean-no misspellings or other grammatical errors.

4.  Submit your application ahead of time -it shows strong organizational skills.


Letters of Recommendation

Ask for letters of recommendation early.  Allow at least two weeks to work on a good letter.  

Ask politely.  Give a copy of your resume and the name of the scholarship.  It also helps if you tell the letter writer specifics about the letter i.e. it needs to emphasize your leadership skills.

Thank You Notes:

If you are awarded a scholarship, you MUST send the organization a thank you note.  This begins the communication process between you and the organization.  

If you have copies of your application, you will want to reread the rules.  Some scholarships are renewable meaning you may receive the scholarship monies for more than one year.  Some have specific grade point average rules to maintain.  Most won't be paid until you have successfully completed a full semester of college.  Likewise, you may be asked to submit your transcript at the end of the first semester in college.