Chuck Lambert

Troy Malone

Elementary Principal

Dustin Favinger

High School Principal

Stevens, Michelle

Elementary Guidance Counselor

Kathy Baxter

HS Guidance Counselor

Baxter, Dave

Spanish I, II, III, JH

Berry, Micheal

Bilby, Deanne

Bloyd, Jan

Family & Consumer Science 

Brown, June

Broz, Nick

Weights, JH Sports, JH & HS Physical Education

Dean, Jerod

Elem Physical Education

DeMasters, Derk

JH Science, Human A&P & Adv. Biology

Dohse, Joey

English 11 & 12, Honors English 11 & 12

Favinger, Alisa

Algebra I, Pre, College, Int. Math & Geometry

Hedin, Melissa

Hoxworth, Jewel

ELL/English Language Learners

Janicek, Tami

Janicek, Todd

JH & HS Woods, Drafting & Manufacturing

Jensen, Joe

Elem, JH, HS & Jazz band, JH & HS Choir

Johnson, Craig

Geography, W. Hist, US & Honors US History 

JH Sports/Physical Education

Jones, Larry

Chemistry, Adv. Chemistry & Physical Science

Kampsnider, Cassie

Lambert, Jaylene

Elementary Choir & Show Choir

Loomis, Claudia

JH English & Speech

Lussetto, Lisa

Speech Language Pathologist

Malcolm, Zach

Plant & Animal Science, Intro to Ag, JH Ag & 

AG Mechanics

McConnell, Micki

K - 3rd Grade Sped

McGrath, Tony

U.S. Government, Weights, JH Sports & 

Physical Education

Metz, Kim

Millette, Deb

Elementary, JH & HS Art

Myers, Kevin

Nein, Julie

Noonan, Brad

JH History

Athletic Director 

Noonan, Hayley

Rahmig, Jackie

JH Math, 8th Grade Reading and Algebra, 

JH Sports & Physical Education

Reimers, Jeremy

Integrated Science, Biology & Physics

Elementary Science

Retchless, Amy

Reynolds, Erin

Junior High Sped

Rodak, Elisa

9th & 10th Grade English & Journalism

Rowe, Deb

Schmunk, Trish

Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry & Calculus

Sestak, Bev

Soto, Marlana

Vasquez, Angela

Watts, Stacey

Weborg, Jamie

Wickard, Wendy

Widener, Amy

Elementary & High School Librarian

Accounting I & II, General Business